Transit for Baku

TfB is an independent, non-profit project to make public transport navigation more accessible and help people travel in the Greater Baku area with the power of Google Maps. Extensively translated data aims to provide ease of use for the guests and accessibility features allows to discover wheelchair accessible and stroller friendly ways for getting around the peninsula.


Bus transportation in the capital is done by several companies. City bus routes generally have frequency of 5 to 10 minutes and 0.3 fare. Most of the inner city routes require BakuCard. Versus the cash only blue routes, depending on the company these are presented on the map with red, purple and cyan colors. BakuCard can be bought (2.0) and filled at any of the supported terminals over the city.


Opened on November 1967, Baku Metro has features typical of ex-Soviet systems, including very deep central stations. The system has 3 lines served by 25 stations. With about 600,000 passengers on the average, around 30% of the daily transportation load is carried by the metro. Entering the system costs 0.3 and requires BakuCard. It can be bought (2.0) and filled at any station. Unlimited metro transfers are permitted.


Commuter rail service consists of the «Baku-Bilajari-Sumgayit» and «Baku-Sabunchu-Sumgayit» routes. End to end travel on these routes costs 1.0 and 2.0 for the econom and business classes respectively. Payments can be done with a ticket received on cash payment or a special contactless card that can be bought (2.0) and filled at any station. BakuCard is not compatible with the railway payment system.


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